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Do you wanna know if being an Empath is really a gift? Wondering if a Realized Empath Retreat is your jam, or when the next Realized Empath online course starts? or Maybe you just want to know if the Avengers are really done?

You got questions about, being an Empath or Highly Sensitive, Spirituality, Empathy or Marvel? I can find answers!


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Have you ever wondered, Am I an Empath or just sensitive?

As I was sorting out the details of my experience that was one thing I needed clarity around. Am I an Empath or just sensitive?


One of the most best things I've done for myself, is build a community for other sensitive souls. Empaths can feel misunderstood, it feels like we'll never fit in. Because of this we seek understanding from a world who can never understand.

The community we are building over on Instagram brings Highly Sensitive People together, to share, heal and support.

Join us.