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Unlock emotional freedom, establish healthy boundaries, and embrace self-acceptance

—the ultimate roadmap to your best self.

As a Highly Sensitive Soul do you find yourself:

  • Having difficulty setting boundaries and asserting herself in personal and professional relationships.

  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed by emotions and the energies of others, resulting in emotional exhaustion and burnout.

  • Struggling with self-acceptance and feeling "too much" or not fitting in.

  • Unable to differentiate your emotions from others, leading to confusion and emotional turmoil.

  • Struggling with trusting your intuition, and making decisions that align with your true self.

  • Battling with lingering trauma or wounds that affect your confidence, self-worth, and overall well-being.

  • Desiring knowledge on preventing overstimulation and caring for your energy and needs.

How will MASTERING your ENERGY change your life?

  • You'll build unshakable self-acceptance.

  • You'll learn to embrace and meet your needs.

  • You'll realize you're not too much.

  • You'll let feelings pass.

  • You'll identify your limits.

  • You'll learn the art of empowered No's and Yes's.

  • You'll trust your intuition.

  • You'll recognize an energy drain and unapologetically take necessary action.

  • You'll feel safe in your body.

  • You'll honor your shadow parts and welcome self-awareness and healing.

  • You'll begin to put your needs before their wants.

  • You'll know how to prevent over-stimulation.

  • You'll ask for support when you need it.

  • You'll step away from the role of fixer.

If you're a highly sensitive person or empath in a relationship, you will honor your unique needs and feel confident communicating them and meeting them.

It also means that if you are a highly sensitive person or empath who is a parent, you separate your feelings from theirs.


Mastering your energy means observing the world without carrying the heaviness with you.

You will learn to Master Your Energy by creating rock-solid boundaries and honoring the space you need to feel your best.

You'll give yourself what you need without guilt.

  • You'll feel the confidence you need to be authentically you.

  • Instead of over-thinking, you'll embrace the value you bring to the world.

  • You'll honor your abilities and drop unrealistic expectations.

  • You'll witness the emotions of others rather than absorbing them. 

  • You'll gladly walk away from things and people not meant for you.

  • You'll let people be who and where they are. 

  • You'll actively listen without fixing

  • You'll take personal responsibility to heal what holds you down.

You'll identify how your deep wounds and the ways you cope hold you back.

  • You'll honor your shadow parts.

  • You'll see where shame keeps you immobilized and gladly reframe your mind's stories.

  • You'll be grateful for how your brain kept you safe; and open to choosing alternative ways to respond to stress. 

  • You'll know the four lies trauma teaches us and identify those lies in your inner dialogue. 

  • You'll understand which experiences overstimulate your nervous system and have the skills to care for yourself when they do.


Here's what's included:

  • Three Monthly Modules, with four one-hour live classes.

    • Module 1: Establishing Boundaries

    • Module 2: Embracing Sensitivity

    • Module 3: Healing and Self-Acceptance

  • Office hours for Q & A

  • A private online forum to build connections.

  • Monthly expert guest.

  • Homework: Practical tools and exercises.

  • BONUS: Access to my 3 hour MasterClass: Liberate your Energy and Thrive.

Week 1

Introduction to Boundaries

Week 5

Understanding Empathy and Sensitivity

Week 9

Recognizing Energy Drains and Emotional Exhaustion

Week 2

Setting and Communicating Boundaries

Week 6

Trusting Your Intuition

Week 10

Healing Wounds and Trauma

Week 3

Maintaining Boundaries

Week 7

Navigating Relationships as an Empath

Week 11

Embracing Authentic Self

Week 4

Boundary Integration and Application

Week 8

Overcoming Emotional Overwhelm

Week 12

Integration and Empowerment

By the end of the 12-week Energy Mastered course, you will..

  • Have acquired the necessary tools and knowledge to unleash your inner empathic power.

  • Confidently establish and maintain healthy boundaries, embrace your sensitivity, and heal past wounds.

  • Say goodbye to emotional exhaustion, self-doubt, and the need for external validation.

  • Experience emotional freedom, self-acceptance, and a life filled with balance, fulfillment, and authentic connection.

I'm in!


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Kristen Schwartz, MA, CTRC, is a writer, entrepreneur, attuned empathic healer, and certified trauma recovery coach. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling. In 2016 fueled by passion and recognizing the need for empaths and highly sensitive people to realize their potential, Kristen became the founder of Realized Empath. Within this wellness community, empaths unite for support, inspiration, and healing.

When she's not deep diving with other empaths, Kristen plans her next travel adventure or reads books in a hammock amongst the trees. Kristen resides in Georgia with her husband and two children.


Client love notes.

Barb Turner

Working with Kristen was like opening a massive door. I see myself differently now. The work we did explained things I did not know needed explaining. I feel like the light has been turned on; I feel empowered. I had confidence in Kristen as a facilitator. I knew she had the experience, and her wisdom was heartfelt. 

Smiling Elderly Woman

Jean McGowan

The work Kristen has done in this field is unparalleled. She's an excellent guide and teacher - I would highly recommend this class. After taking the Highly Intuitive Empath course - I am now able to asses the situation in any given room I walk into - decide if it's my energy or the other persons energy I'm feeling and react appropriately.

I learned how to create and feel a protective energy field around me before entering a potentially difficult situation (I'm still working on that ;). This class allowed me to recognize that I have the power to take care of myself and deflect the energy of others.

Female Soccer Coach

Sharon Downs

Kristen as she is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field.

I received so many benefits from our work together. Like; understanding that I am gifted rather than 'overly sensitive' - how to 'look after' myself so I am able to use my gifts in a way that healthfully benefits me and others. Surer about setting boundaries and understanding why I need to set them. Looking after myself as oppose to being annoyed with others when they do not show me the respect I am looking for.


Unlock emotional freedom, establish healthy boundaries, and embrace self-acceptance

—the ultimate roadmap to your best self.

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