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(Real)ized  Empath

from hiding to healing

live online course

Have you ever thought to yourself?


  • I wish I could set boundaries and confidently uphold them.

  • Why do I feel overwhelmed around people?

  • I do so much for everyone and feel like no one shows up for me.

  • How can I feel more confident around people?

  • I wish I didn't rely so much on people validating my experience.

  • I wish I knew the difference between my feelings and what I'm picking up from others.

You're not alone.

If you're anything like me:

You've wondered if sensitivity is a curse.

On your good days, it takes tremendous effort to be yourself, and your bad days? Well, there aren't enough Marvelous Mrs. Maisel episodes for those.

I get it. 

For years, I longed for relief. Disconnected from me, I wanted to feel understood. I wanted confidence in standing up for myself. I wished for space without feeling guilty. I wondered what it felt like not to want to avoid people.

I abandoned myself for years, hoping for less suffering; I played small, to fly under the radar. I tried to manage an outer world, hoping to soothe my inner world.


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Tall Mountain

The Realized Empath.

live online course

In the course, you will:

  • Identify your feelings from theirs.

  • Let go of the pain and dense energy.

  • Heal and rebuild self-trust. 

  • Feel safe in relationships. 

  • Learn to recognize overwhelm. 

  • Build confidence in knowing, setting, and enforcing boundaries. 

Only ten seats are available; the course starts on January 8th, 2022.

Darling Empath. Heal thy self.

the course includes:

Letting Go.

Common ways Empaths struggle; shame, resentment, low self-esteem, doubt, people-pleasing. How to begin healing and letting go. We will discuss healing modalities and which ones are best for you. Establishing a new morning routine. Building mental resilience.


How to stop the overwhelm before it starts. How to ease overwhelm—ways to protect yourself from someone else's energy. Methods to let go of stagnant energy.


Energetic and Physical. How to know if you need boundaries. How to set them with confidence. How to hold them if they are ignored. When is it time to distance yourself?

Trusting Yourself.

Is what I feel mine or theirs? Is it fear or my intuition? How to strengthen your intuition? How to move forward even if you're afraid. What is self-validation, and why should you be doing it? 
4 - 1 Hour classes

3o minutes of live course content, plus 30 minutes of live Q&A.

Group forum.

Private group forum for members to connect, share, and grow.

Email support.

Email support with Kristen during office hours. 
Class recordings.
All classes are recorded and sent out the following day.

all this for $420.00?

Winding Forest Road

I get 4 weeks of empath healing & empowerment with Kristen and other sensitives?


Questions answered during live Q&A's, a private forum to connect with other group members, access to Kristen through email support, and the classes' recordings in case I miss one?

I get all of this for $420.00 without leaving my house?

Yes, exactly.

This course may not be for you If...

  • You'd rather blame than deep dive into yourself. (been there)

  • You'd instead please than change.

  • You're struggling with significant trauma that requires intensive support.

This course is for you If...

  • ​You consider yourself an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person.

  • You find it difficult to let go of what you feel.

  • You struggle to trust yourself and others.

  • You need space in your life but feel guilty asking for it.

  • You want to feel strong around heavy emotions.

  • You want to know if you're picking up some else's feelings.

  • You tend people-please

  • You've been hurt by narcissist behavior and need to build self-trust.


What's the class schedule?


January 8th. Saturday

2 pm - 3 pm EST


is what you feel theirs or yours?  how to know the difference and begin letting go. 



January 16th. Saturday

2 pm - 3 pm EST


identifying your triggers and minimize overwhelm. 



January 23th. Saturday

2 pm - 3 pm EST


energetic and physical. how to set and confidently hold them.



January 30th. Saturday

2 pm - 3 pm EST


Trust what you're feeling and trust others. Fear vs. Intuition. Strengthening Intuition.

Hi There

I'm Kristen Schwartz, MA.

I've had tons of adventure in my life; motherhood, degrees in Psychology and Counseling, entrepreneurship, travel, but the grandest adventure was the one back to my true powerful empathic self.


I tried to manage my outer world for years, hoping it would translate to a softer inner world. For decades, I shrank, went along, and pretended to fit in the "normal" box.


I spent most of my life feeling misunderstood while feeling "too much." My feelings had been discounted, and intuition ignored. Most of the people around me didn't get what I got or see what I saw. It equated to "somethin