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Private Sessions

I'm here to guide you toward understanding, empowerment, and healing tailored just for you.


My approach is deeply personal, recognizing that your experiences and challenges are unique.


We'll use the innovative IEET method, designed to help highly sensitive people and empaths like you manage intense emotions, set healthy boundaries, heal from trauma, and navigate the desire to please others.

Our sessions blend boundary setting, body-focused healing, cognitive reframing of limiting beliefs, and self-care practices.


This is all about empowering you to see your sensitivity as a gift. I'm committed to crafting each session to meet your needs and goals, ensuring your growth path is unique.

Autumn Legs

Empath Therapy/Session details:

Realized Empath and Highly Sensitive People.

Healing Session

  • ​pre-session email to outline the personalized focus for the session.

  • 1 hr session by phone or online 

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