About Me (& empathy)

Labels aside



You already know you’re more sensitive than others.

You’ve always had a way of looking at someone and “know” their energy or emotions (empathy in high-def).

Maybe, like me, you’ve always been affected by people’s energy, and sometimes your empathy got the best of you, but you couldn’t articulate what you felt.

Perhaps, you’ve known you’re not like the rest in your ability to understand and perceive others intuitively.

Maybe, you’re finally waking up to the fact that your life is unconsciously molded by the desires, beliefs, moods, and fears of others.


As an Empath, Empathy is your jam. You’re hard-wired to perceive and experience the thoughts, emotions, and sensitivities of other people. Being an Empath is challenging in a world where feelings aren't welcome.

Hiding is no longer an option for us; either is letting our empathy overwhelm us. In this world, we have to care for ourselves differently than others do. When we heal, protect, and care for our unique selves, we thrive in an overwhelming world.



Topics we can cover in our time together.​

  • Overwhelm

  • Empathy

  • Boundaries

  • Self Awareness

  • Shame

  • Narcissist Abuse

  • Energy Protection

  • Mental Resilience

  • Connection

  • What's yours and what's not

  • Releasing stagnant energy

  • Intuition/Self Trust

  • People Pleasing

  • Speaking your Truth

  • Emotional Safety


Still, want more?
Here’s a lightning round of fast facts:


I’m an intuitive, sensitive healer at heart. I was guided to my degrees in Counseling/Psychology for a reason (empathy on overdrive). I just completed my Trauma Recovery Certification. It’s a gift, a passion, a purpose.


I'm a survivor (think Beyonce song). I've got what I call "big trauma" in my past. However, I discovered that the darkest parts were the path to my purpose, and tapping into my creative power freed my spirit.

I crave adventure and nature. My ideal vacation is wide-open space and activities. For instance, I'm down to hike a glacier or kayak with whales.


I’m an introvert. Not even trying to be extroverted anymore.

I love being inspired. 

I play with my hair frequently.


I have been married for 19 years and have two kids, a girl 16, boy 13.

I am alone time obsessed. I need it to recharge and feel alive when I'm alone.


I consider myself an Intuitive Empath.


I love singing super loud in my car to a wide variety of tunes (this week, it's 70's light rock)


Travel is in my SOUL. FREEDOM is my #1 desired feeling. All-time favorites: Iceland, Berlin, Ireland, and Bali. (U.S. - Portland, Maine)