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As a professional with a heart attuned to healing, my journey led me to earn a Master's degree in Counseling – a path that wasn't just a career choice but a calling. This pursuit is more than just a profession to me; it's a gift, a passion, and a true purpose in life. My personal story is one of resilience and transformation. Like many, I've navigated through significant life challenges, what some might call 'big trauma.'


Yet, in these experiences, I found a profound truth: the darkest moments often pave the way to our greatest purposes. Embracing my creative power was key to liberating my spirit and finding inner peace. Outside of my professional life, I'm an adventurer at heart. There's a unique vitality I find in nature, especially in the majestic landscapes of the mountains.


The tranquility and expansiveness of the outdoors invigorate me, so I'm more likely to be found hiking in the rugged terrains of Alaska than lounging on a beach. This connection to nature is vital to who I am, personally and professionally. In every aspect of my life, I strive to embody the values of authenticity, resilience, and a deep connection to the natural world. These are the same values I bring into my counseling practice, creating a space of trust, understanding, and genuine care for every individual I can work with.


Kristen Schwartz, MA, CTRC, is a writer, entrepreneur, attuned empathic healer, and certified trauma recovery coach. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling. In 2016 fueled by passion and recognizing the need for empaths and highly sensitive people to realize their potential, Kristen became the founder of Realized Empath. Within this wellness community, empaths unite for support, inspiration, and healing.

When she's not deep diving with other empaths, Kristen plans her next travel adventure or reads books in a hammock amongst the trees. Kristen resides in Georgia with her husband and two children.

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