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Discover How The Midlife Renewal Method Allows You To Navigate
Mid-life Changes Without Letting Emotions Overtake You in 90 Days or Less.
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Client Love

Briana Ramirez

“Kristen is amazing, open, insightful, and a great leader! She genuinely cares about women and supports them in obtaining breakthroughs and helpful insights. She shares herself, her life, and what she has been through in a way that helps other women learn and grow from their own experiences."

Morgan James, NY

"The work Kristen has done in this field is unparalleled. She's an excellent guide and teacher - I highly recommend this class. After taking the Highly Intuitive Empath course, I can now assess the situation in any given room I walk into, decide if it's my energy or the other person's energy I'm feeling, and react appropriately.
I learned how to create and feel a protective energy field around me before entering a potentially difficult situation (I'm still working on that ;). This class allowed me to recognize that I have the power to take care of myself and deflect the energy of others.

Barb Turner

“Working with Kristen was like opening a massive door. I see myself differently now. The work we did explained things I did not know needed explaining. I feel like the light has been turned on; I feel empowered. I had confidence in Kristen as a facilitator. I knew she had the experience, and her wisdom was heartfelt.

Ready to navigate through major mid-life transitions?
I’m here to help.

Hi there! Kristen here

I'm looking to help mid-life women who feel like they are losing control of their lives learn how to navigate major life transitions through the Mid-life Renewal Method.
I've helped hundreds of women work through uncomfortable mid-life changes while renewing their hormones, learning to manage menopause, and exploring a renewed sense of meaning. 

And now, for the first time...
We will work with you so you can enjoy a renewed sense of purpose without fear of life's curveballs, or I will work with you for an additional eight weeks at no extra cost.
Why? This system works, and there's nothing else like that out there.
It's also worked consistently for our clients and me.
Just look at this example below…


Flower Bouquet
“Kristen as she is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field. I received so many benefits from our work together. By understanding that I am gifted rather than 'overly sensitive' and how to 'look after' myself, I can use my gifts to benefit me and others healthfully. I am sure about setting boundaries and understanding why I must set them. Looking after myself as opposed to being annoyed with others when they do not show me the respect I am looking for.”

Sharon Downs

Why Join?

Join me on a transformative journey with the MidLife Renewal program, specifically designed to empower women navigating the complexities of mid-life.

This 16-week program offers deep insights and practical strategies to help you embrace and optimize your life during this pivotal time.

From managing hormonal changes and improving physical well-being to enhancing emotional health and rejuvenating relationships, our course is tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities you face.

Each week, you'll engage with expert-led video classes, interactive worksheets, and supportive community discussions that foster personal growth and self-discovery.

Whether you want to regain balance, enhance wellness, or reinvent your life's second act, the MidLife Renewal program is your gateway to a more fulfilled and vibrant body and mind.

Experience a holistic approach to mid-life that considers not just the physical but also the emotional and social aspects of your well-being.

With topics ranging from anxiety and depression management using natural remedies to cultivating intimacy and setting boundaries in relationships, every module is crafted to provide actionable solutions that respect your journey.

Join a community of like-minded women who are ready to flourish in mid-life.

Start your path towards a more empowered and exhilarating next chapter of your life

I know investing may seem like a scary decision.
I get it, but the only way to achieve the results you desire is to take the risk, roll your sleeves up and do the work.
Navigating life’s major life transitions doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.

I pour my heart and soul into helping my clients achieve their goals. I can assure you that I will hold your hands to ensure that you get the results and the return on investment you crave.
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