healing and support for the highly sensitive & the empath



Realized empath private sessions are for the Empath or highly sensitive person. Personalized focus area. 1 hour. Zoom session, recording included.


Online Group

the Realized Empath course is 4 weeks of inner healing work for the Empath. Topics such as overwhelm, boundaries, self-awareness & intuition, letting go. Group community.


Sensitive Soul Membership

A private self-guided community. I text with you weekly. Includes monthly workshops, virtual teachings, guest speakers, community support and more.


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The Healed Empath

My Approach

For an Empath & Highly Sensitive (perceptive) to thrive, we must embrace self-healing.  I created Realized Empath to support the specific healing needs of the empath and highly sensitive person. Through self-awareness, we see our blocks; we learn to release what we perceive by healing our pain. By acknowledging our needs, we begin to trust and deepen intuition. By implementing boundaries, we empaths feel safer in a high-definition world.

About me

Here’s a lightning round of fast facts:

• I’m an intuitive, Empath, and sensitive healer at heart. I was guided to my Masters's in Counseling for a reason. It’s a gift, a passion, a purpose.

• I’m a survivor (think Beyonce song); I've got what I call “big trauma” in my past. However, I discovered that the darkest parts were the path to my purpose, and tapping into my creative power freed my empath spirit.

• I'm a highly sensitive empath who craves adventure and loves being in nature; my ideal vacation is open space and activity. So I’m down to hike a glacier or kayak with whales. (so fun!)

Receiving Support

Many Empaths & Highly Sensitives learn to people-please. Living most of our lives overwhelmed, we believe minimizing input involves jumping through hoops for others. Because of this empaths can avoid asking for help. Empaths and highly sensitive people "do it ourselves"to the detriment of our well-being.

Empath now's your time to ask for support.

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Letting Go


Physical Burnout

Energy Protection


The work Kristen has done in this field is unparalleled. She's an excellent guide and teacher - I would highly recommend this class. After taking the Highly Intuitive Empath course, I can now assess the situation in any given room I walk into, decide if it's my energy or the other person's energy I'm feeling, and react appropriately. I learned how to create and handle a protective energy field around me before entering a potentially tricky situation (I'm still working on that ;). This class allowed me to recognize that I have the power to take care of myself and deflect the energy of others.

Jean McGowan