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The Day my Highly Sensitive nature became my Greatest Strength



Like, you look at this picture and wish you had other women who fully got you. Can I be frank?

I’ve always kept my circle (is there a word smaller than small?) tiny……. wait, what? You don’t have a mass of girlfriends showing up for you in your life? Yeah, Nope!

Before I understood what highly sensitive, intuitive, and Empath meant I was overwhelmed by others' energy, sensed in-authenticity, and limited connection due to mistrust.

I call it habitually on guard.

I’ve spent years honing in on my sensitive, intuitive, empathic gifts.

Fully understanding myself and finally honoring what it takes to care for someone with these amazing traits. For years, I’d surround myself with people who didn’t get it; why would they? I didn’t get it. I’d force myself to attend draining social events, and I’d allow other women to shame me for opting out, I’d keep people in my life for way too long. I’d stay up late because everyone else was. It appeared so easy for everyone else, and that made me angry.  I’d go along to avoid judgment.

I’d betray myself over and over.

Last October, other women like me joined as I hosted a weekend of connection. The women who attend the retreat totally got each other. They no longer go along to be accepted or falling in line to lessen judgment or explain why they do what they do.


Many highly sensitive women have the same experience, difficulty fully connecting with other women. Therefore, I’ve come to believe it doesn’t have to be difficult making new, connections. We’re trying to connect with women not meant for us.

Years ago, I had to take a good look at my life and politely walk away from those not energetically aligning with who I was. It was damn hard, as I spend most of my life trying to control the risk of negative draining energy in my life. (by the way, the control think never panned out) 

I had many women in my life who were constantly shaming me into change; it was time. They saw the best parts of me as the worst. And ya know what, that few months of hard conversations and navigating my unwarranted guilt lead me to live my best life.

Finally, seek out those who get you, ya know, the ones you don’t have to explain yourself too. If you can’t seem to find them, set an intention, and patiently wait for it, they’ll show up.

Other highly sensitive women jive with your jam.


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