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Learn How to Navigate Major Midlife Changes

In my FREE 20 Minute Training


After This Training, You’ll Walk Away Knowing…

  • How To Navigate Midlife Loss Without Letting Emotions, Menopause, Career Shifts or Family Dynamics Consume You
  • Learn My Proven Strategy to Work Through Life Transitions 
  • Face Grief, Re-define Your Relationships, Reset Your Hormones and Menopause Symptoms Through My Proven Midlife Renewal Method.

Client Love

Briana Ramirez

“Kristen is amazing, open, insightful, and a great leader! She genuinely cares about women and supports them in obtaining breakthroughs and helpful insights. She shares herself, her life, and what she has been through in a way that helps other women learn and grow from their own experiences."

Sharon Downs

“Kristen as she is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field. I received so many benefits from our work together. By understanding that I am gifted rather than 'overly sensitive' and how to 'look after' myself, I can use my gifts to benefit me and others healthfully. I am sure about setting boundaries and understanding why I must set them. Looking after myself as opposed to being annoyed with others when they do not show me the respect I am looking for.

Barb Turner

"Working with Kristen was like opening a massive door. I see myself differently now. The work we did explained things I did not know needed explaining. I feel like the light has been turned on; I feel empowered. I had confidence in Kristen as a facilitator. I knew she had the experience, and her wisdom was heartfelt."

About Kristen Schwartz


Hi there, I'm Kristen!

Navigating life's transitions is a scary journey.

Trust me, I know and have been there.

My personal story is one of resilience and transformation.

Like many, I've navigated through significant life challenges, what some might call 'big trauma.'


Throughout my journey, I cracked the code to managing life's curveballs while learning to stay present for myself, my family, and my clients. 

Navigating through the challenges of caring for elderly parents, children leaving home, becoming an empty nester, and rapid changes to my body was one of the hardest parts of my existence.

It felt like the value I once brought to the table was diminishing, which made me fearful, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Working through how I felt and what I was going through in that period allowed me to gain a deep appreciation for life, but also gave me a burning desire as a heart-attuned counselor to help other women work through similar situations. 

As a counselor and coach, I know how intimidating and scary it is to feel like you are losing control of everything around you. 

I know how difficult it is to feel helpless as you lose family members, see your kids grow up, have health scares, and feel as though you are aging out of your career and experiencing the woo of menopause. 

In my career, I have made it my soul's purpose to help women achieve hormonal balance while working through emotional challenges so they can enjoy renewed hope that everything will be okay as they age. 

Professionally, I have helped hundreds of women build resilience to work through major transitions that life throws their way. 

And I can help you too! 

If you are reading this and feel you are losing control of your life, body, or relationships, this may be your sign to work through how you currently feel. 

You are meant to have a beautiful life, but most importantly, you are meant to have peace of mind. 

Let's work through your major mid-life challenges with ease.


Midlife Changes Can Be Isolating and Challenging 
It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way. You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

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