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6 Intuition Myths Debunked

Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; unbelief, in denying them.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

The definition of intuition is the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.

I’m always aware of my intuition, but it was overpowered by fear and unworthiness for years

My intuition was UN-ignorable, and I brushed it aside. I was afraid of what “they might think,” I lacked trust, so I chose to question my true power.

I’d receive intuitive guidance like “go that way” or “intentions aren’t what they seem,” and my mind would say, “where’s the proof” or “what will they think if I go that way?” It took me a year of coaching and daily practice to strengthen my trust and sharpen my awareness of my intuition.

I began to acknowledge my intuition when it was right instead of pointing out missed turns. This simple acknowledgment step softened doubt and allowed me to trust in myself and depend less on outside opinion.

Our intuitive nudges are only as strong as the beliefs we have about them.

In my commitment to relearn my intuition's power, I committed to unlearning beliefs about my gut instinct. I found that many of the beliefs I had were myths.

Here are 6 intuition myths I debunked along the way.

  1. Only some people are born with it. Nope, though most of us aren’t taught to recognize our quiet sense of knowing, we are all equipped with it. Intuition is part of you, just like eyesight, hearing, and touch.

  2. Intuition is about spirituality. Spiritually minded people may talk about intuition more, but that doesn’t mean being intuitive is reserved for the spiritual.  Awareness of our intuition comes easier when we’re in the space of wholeness. Intuition flows through us in a place of inner quiet. An easy way to access stillness is through meditation.

  3. Intuition will help you predict the future. Our gut instinct isn’t about predicting the future. It's about the present and knowing now. When present for guidance, we’re aware of the steps we can take towards our highest intention, and that moment takes us to the new present moment.

  4. If you’re far away from a situation, you can’t use your intuition. My intuition coach in another country asked me to name the objects on his table; I correctly named a black stone and a feather using only my intuition. Exercises like these built the intuition confidence I have today.

  5. Intuition is always loud and can’t be ignored.  Our intuition can come in different ways. Sometimes it's a clear knowing or a song we hear; sometimes, it seems the answer is a vision or a dream. By giving ourselves stillness, we allow intuitive moments without needing a booming voice or shocking circumstance.

  6. There’s only one “right” answer. There are as many right answers as there are humans. Each human has a unique calling on their life, a unique path. Sameness goes against the fabric of creation; diversity is part of our world. When we follow others or seek their input, we are led farther away from who we were born to be and left with mistrust in our instincts.


Did you follow your intuition, and it worked out? Do you have a time it didn’t turn out as you’d hoped?

What’s one of your greatest intuitive moments? Can you think of more intuition myths that you’ve debunked?

Leave me a comment and tell me what about some of your once believed intuition myths.

Are you interested in strengthening your intuition? Let me know in the comments below.


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